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Sundarban Social Development Centre (SSDC) has a well equipped Eye premises extending Eye Care for millions of Doctors, Staff and Technical Support Team provides Eye Checkup and IPD, Tests & Medicines, Provision of Operative follow up. The Eye Hospital provides Operation and Treatment for patient’s Below (BPL). at par with super-specialty city hospital in the country.


SSDC runs five (5) Vision Care Centres in three different locations at These Vision Care Centres

services to the Centre has been Block Muriganga PHC.Centres function once a week every month Vision centre, where the centre runs for two

every week. Patients for Cataract Operation are referred to Sultanpur Organizations, Market Committees,

Group and Support in hand in best Care Support to the patient’s.


Technical Support & Facilities Offered at SSDC Eye Hospital:


Cornea and Anterior Segment Checkup with ZEISS

Bio – Microscope Glaucoma Service: Applanation Tonometry, Autoperimetry(HFA) Posterior Capsulectomy and

ZEISS Nd Yag Laser A-Scan and Keratometre for Biometry

  1. Low Vision Clinic
  2. 24hrs. Ophthalmic Assistance Service



  • SICS with IOL Implant
  • Lid, Lacrimal Sac Orbital and Squint Surgery
  • <span style="\&quot;font-size:" 16px;\"="">Free, Subsidized and Well Decorated Paying Accommodation