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Lack of awareness in Mother & Child HealthCare, Sanitation & Drinking water, Sundarban is worse on Infant Mortality. Sundarban Social Develpoement Centre (SSDC) went ahead and took Health Care leadership in Mother & Child care Initiative with practice of Immunization, Nutrition and General Hygiene. SSDC has been organizing Mother & Child care Programmes since its inception but since 2011, we are ongoing with a special approach towards Nutrition. The project aims at improving Nutrition for Children and Safe Motherhood for Pregnant Mothers through Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) at its campus. SSDC organize Camps for Pregnant Mothers on a regular basis to implement AN/PN and General Health Check-up at their door step. Pregnant Mothers receive Health Check-up by Experienced Doctors and Technical Support Team with motivation and advice for Institutional Delivery. Active participation of various Women’s Group, Kishor Kishori Bahini (KKB), Village Development Committees (VDC) and ICDS workers have taken a lead role for Institutional Delivery at Block and District Level Campaigns. Day by day with the rise of Institutional Delivery, Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is gradually on the lower side at the Sundarban.

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