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Adolescents, especially the girls have continuoiusly been aware on basic health care through our interventions. The adolescents at their puberty age used to face several gynecological complications and diseases. Due to their ognorance, several social factors and superstitions, they keep those diseases and sufferings undisclosed, which in turn become fatal in course of time.

Our efforts always stressed to make adolescents free from any type of malpractices on their health. We regularly do organize Adolescent health camps regarding Menstrual Hygiene and care, Gynecological problems, puberty etc. Not only that, they are being continuously nurtured through variuos types of social activities to reduce the prevalence of Early Marriage, Prevention of Child Labour, Prevention of use of drugs and tobaccos. Parents attending these Health Camps get to know about Adolescent Health Care and worse effects of early girl-child marriage.