The Sundarbans region is one of the richest ecosystems in the world. The region contains arguably the world’s largest remaining area of  mangroves, and is know


Though the Sundarbans region is celebrated for its ecological attributes, it is a difficult place to live in. The inhabited portions of India’s Sundarbans are chara


The Sundarbans, due to its unique ecosystem, has also been declared as a World Heritage site in 1989. Sundarban Biosphere Reserve has also been included as the second Bio


Cyclones and storms tend to occur in this region of the Sundarbans during the months of May to December period with the incidence being greatest in May, and in the post



Grant Contract ceremony

On 18th January 2019, Grant Contract ceremony between the Cosulate General of Japan in Kolkata and SSDC took place. To provide quality eye care services to the vulnerable people of the Sundarbans,

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Welcome to Sundarban Social Development Centre (SSDC)

Sundarban Social Development Centre (SSDC) is a not for profit making non-government organization situated at Sundarban delta region of West Bengal In India. Since its advent as a social development organization in 1986, SSDC has been keeping itself involved for the well-being of the people living at disaster prone Sundarban island areas which are typically identified as socio economically backward in all senses of remoteness and poor living standard. Most of the people fall under poorest of the poor category for which they are living behind the ray of modernization and development yet. The rich biodiversity thrives in Sundarban’s Mangrove ecosystem, which is under ecological threats and has become vulnerable to climate change impacts.

SSDC is devoted and has been working on community-based development activities in the areas of Health, Education, Nutrition, Women Empowerment, Livelihood, Safe Drinking Water, Sanitation, Eye Health Care & Services and Environment Protection and Disaster Risk Reduction activities in the remotest Sundarban island areas.

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