Education & Awareness

Child Parliament

Sundarban Social Development Centre (SSDC) has formed Child Parliament through training and awareness meetings at the CommunChild Parliamentity Level. A Village Level Group of Adolescents is formed through Children’s vote. Members are chosen from all sections of the village and the body is actively involved and associated with all sorts of Development Initiatives within the Community. Meetings are held Monthly and Quarterly. The Child Parliament share their experience on Social Injustice, Discrimination, Early Girl-Child Marriage, Dowry, Child Abuse, School Dropouts, Child & Adolescent Care, Dangers of Home Delivery and unhealthy practice of Open Defecation. Actions are taken through Drama Scripts, Songs, Pictorial Posters, and Performing Plays in village pockets. Village spectators easily get involved into the matters which influence them to change their attitude, behavior to a great extent.

Link with Government Schools

We motivated the parents to send their wards to School every day to built a bright future, demanding “Free and Compulsary Education of all Children in the age group of 6 - 14 years” (A Constitutional Fundamental Right for every Indian) to the Block Administration and Sabhadhipati of Panchayat Samities. SSDC always maintain links with nearby Primary and High Schools to impart proper guidance to the parents for their child’s Education.

Textbook Support

We support meritorious and economically backward students with Text Books to prevent Drop Out in Schools. Students are identified through home visits and PRI and Stakeholders have the final say. The whole process is being sponsored by PAZ of Belgium.

Sports & Cultural Activities

SSDC regularly organizes Sports & Cultural activities at Village Level. Social Health Groups (SHG), Women Group Members, Adolescents and Children take part in the Programme. These Programmes include Games & Sports, Song & Dance and Role Play.